What We Do


Why Tagyourlife?


As often happens, the idea to create Tagyourlife has come out by a very common episode of everyday life: how many times have you unconsciously tagged people around you? How many times have you stored their phone number in your phone book linking them to a moment lived together or to a passion you both share, rather than writing his/her name and surname? Tagyourlife follows just this unconscious instinct, because it allows you to tag people on the strength of the interests you have in common and to create connections thanks to themselves. It’s from this “intuition” that derives, in fact, the name Tag / Your / Life.

Thanks to Tagyourlife and to its introduction of the feature interest, new figures come out, people who will be able to become reference points not only for other users, but also for enterprises which will consider them as a consumer prototype: Gurus. Gurus are “the experts in that field”, people fond of a specific interest who put their experience at the other users disposal, giving them fast answers and without asking anything in return. Becoming a Guru for an interest is very simple: you have only to create connections for this same interest and get positive feedbacks by other users. Becoming a Guru will allow you to give more value to the feedbacks you leave.


Our Five Steps

So, Tagyourlife is a new free social network with a different aim from the other platforms: it helps you creating connections online thanks to your shared interests and inciting constructive and enriching conversations and discussions. Thanks to Tagyourlife, you’ll not need to consult forums, blogs or search for informations on the net anymore, you’ll have only to ask directly to our Gurus! But, what are Tagyourlife’s points and steps?

Sign in - the subscription is very simple, fast and requires few info. The most important is: telling us your interests, what you are fond of, things you like talking about and that you want to know more. The number and the quality of your connections will make your interests Big or Minor.

Share - once you’ve registered, start immediately to share posts, pictures, surveys and questions about your interests, writing them preceded by a
simple Hashtag #. They will be visible only by users with your same interests!

Create connections - it’s the right time to know and let the others know you! Get in contact with people who share your same interests!

Chat and make questions - once you’ve created new connections, don’t waste your time! Start immediately to chat, make questions and compare your ideas with the other users. “Every dialogue is an enrichment”.

Leave feedbacks - don’t forget to leave positive feedbacks to people you consider very expert in an interest. Help him/her to become a Guru and reward his/her competence!

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